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What is the wireless technology? Will it work if I have other wireless in my building?
Adura’s system uses 2.4GHz low-power radios that conform to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The technology is designed to coexist with WiFi™ networks and other products that utilize the 2.4 GHz bandin your building.

More information can be found in a white paper published by the ZigBee Alliance about the coexistence of ZigBee and other wireless products, downloadable here. In the white paper, Paul Williams, VP of Support Services for Control4, a major vendor of wireless home automation products, says the following: "In the two years we have been shipping products, we have not encountered an issue where ZigBee or Wi-Fi has interfered with, or caused problems with, the operation of products using either communications protocol... We have thousands of systems in operation today around the world with the majority of the installations containing both large ZigBee and Wi-Fi network implementations, all working without interference or problems."

Is this system using ZigBee? What is ZigBee?
"ZigBee" is a set of industry standards and protocols for wireless communication that allow products to communicate and work together. There are different types of ZigBee standards and profiles that define different levels of interoperability.

The Adura system uses the ZigBee platform for reliable network communications and is therefore compatible with other ZigBee devices. Adura extended the command set beyond standard ZigBee to enable functionality that we deem essential to a lighting control system (such as our distributed intelligence capability). Others have decided to rely on the Home Automation profile (which is extremely limiting for a commercial application) or the unfinished Building Automation profile (which besides not being complete has severe limitations for a smart lighting platform). Adura has effectively addressed these limitations with its extended protocol.

Adura's platform is open to those third party ZigBee products that we certify for proper integration with the system. Adura is actively evaluating such third party products and if you are a vendor who would like your products to be approved for use on the Adura Technologies network, please contact us (see “Contact Us”).

Do I need to install a device in every fixture or can I control an entire branch with it?
Because the relays in the light controllers can control up to 5A of load (at 120VAC or 277VAC), the controllers can be used to control a small circuit of lighting. However, using the device to control multiple fixtures limits the control strategies that could be employed because individual fixtures cannot be switched or dimmed. The most optimal installation will depend on how the fixtures are arranged in a space and what kind of space it is.

How easy will it be to reconfigure the fixtures once the Adura device is installed?
Adura light controllers can be reconfigured at anytime from anywhere. User controllable functions (such as scheduling, occupancy sensor delays and other similar functions) can be configured through Adura's advanced web interface. Changing a group of fixtures' schedule settings is simply a matter of logging into a web interface and selecting the new settings with the click of a mouse. More extensive system reprograming is easily done remotely by the Adura support team.