Demand Response

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Demand Response

The Adura solution enables facilities to participate in demand response (DR) programs sponsored by utilities, many of which qualify them for significant financial incentives. DR helps utilities handle peak electricity usage in order to avoid blackouts and brownouts.

A facility manager can manually initiate or schedule DR events through Adura’s Enterprise Application, or DR events can be automatically initiate or scheduled through Adura’s AutoDR functionality (in response to a utility OpenADR signal). Lighting is a primary target for load reduction because it can be delivered immediately, independent of weather conditions, and it does not create a secondary peak load upon recovery.

Adura’s system enables organization-wide load shedding while maintaining occupants’ visual comfort. During a DR event, Adura’s Light Controllers automatically set reduced allowable light levels depending on the severity of the event. Facility managers can also select non- essential lights to dim or shut off completely on a fixture-by-fixture basis.

Adura’s wireless lighting controls take maximum advantage of DR opportunities by:

  • Automatically estimating potential load reduction prior to the start of a DR event
  • Reducing light levels in a uniform pattern using scene-based control
  • Very slowly reducing light levels to avoid occupant disturbance (requires dimming ballasts)
  • Automatically sending email notification for scheduled start and end times of AutoDR events
  • Scheduling DR events effective immediately or at a later time
  • Limiting the allowed light output of fixtures to a specific level during events
  • Being Open ADR 1.0-compliant