Why Wireless Lighting Controls?

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Wiring and installation costs are often cited as major barriers to deploying advanced lighting controls in existing buildings. Why? First removing and then replacing an entire dropped ceiling, smashing through and repairing drywall, repainting – these are just a few factors to consider when thinking about rewiring a building. Add in time (and rent) lost because a space is unusable while this intensive renovation is going on, the labor costs, the costs of cables and wires and the cost of a wired control system itself and the process becomes pretty expensive. And if you want to change the configuration of the system, you have to do it all over again.

On top of all this, Adura’s Wireless Lighting Control System can be deployed almost anywhere – unlike wired systems that might not even be allowed in places such as historic buildings or in locations where the existing infrastructure simply doesn’t have room for more complex wiring.

Adura overcomes the barrier of high installation and reconfiguring costs by connecting lights with robust, secure wireless controls. This wireless system involves very little change to existing infrastructure. The sensors can be connected to existing light fixtures and powered on the same circuit. Gateways and wall controllers can, for the most part, be placed where it is most convenient for the customer. And because it’s wireless, the Adura’s Wireless Lighting Control System is as easy to install in new construction as it is in retrofit scenarios.

Wireless systems are flexible and scalable. No need for costly and disruptive re-wiring if the configuration of your space changes. Wireless controls separate the way lights are powered from how they are controlled, making the system less dependent on changes to the design.