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Different areas within a building or office presents its own lighting challenges and needs, with unique sensor types, fixture types, and control strategies needed to support the best practice for the space. Adura’s wireless lighting control system provides a flexible platform that is easily configured and tailored to the requirements of each installation. Adura has focused on providing best practices for the control of unique parts of the facility: office buildings, parking garages, public spaces, and manufacturing/industrial/storage warehouses.

Adura’s system can support any standard type of occupancy sensor, any standard type of ballast or driver, and is agnostic to existing lighting and circuiting infrastructure. The Adura system provides the intelligence that connects these devices together, wirelessly, to provide deep energy savings and best occupant satisfaction. As areas within the building change, are renovated, and repurposed, Adura’s system can be easily expanded and reconfigured virtually without having to make intensive physical changes. Adura’s system also provides the most scalability, able to integrate control, monitoring, and management of all of these different space types into a single user interface for the campus or enterprise facility manager.

Whether a parking garage is underground and never sees the light of day or much traffic, or it is in a sunny and very busy spot, Adura can save significant energy. Whether an office has small casement windows and older fluorescent fixtures, or it has state-of-the-art LEDs and walls of glass, Adura’s system will help make your workers more comfortable while lowering your electric bill.

From offices to parking garages to college campuses and municipal buildings, Adura’s Wireless Lighting Control System has been proven to reduce our customer’s lighting energy consumption by 40 to 70% and their electric bills right along with it. These savings have been proven not only across the different categories of facilities mentioned above but have also been duplicated in widely divergent situations within those categories.

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