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Adura’s wireless mesh technology is used to create a complete lighting control system that consists of the following components:

Wireless Light Controllers installed in each light fixture provide individually addressable on/off, bi-level, and dimming control of the fixture. Each fixture can be wirelessly grouped with other fixtures to be controlled by sensors and light switches.

Wireless Sensor Interfaces connect to standard low-voltage or line-voltage occupancy sensors and transmit the sensor information onto the wireless mesh network. Groups of light fixtures are programmed to respond to the appropriate sensor. The Sensor Interface is also capable of transmitting information from a 0-10V photocell.

Software Application that provides a central management, monitoring, and reporting interface for the entire facility or campus. The web-based software integrates data via Wireless Gateways, allowing a facility manager to view measured lighting energy use, manage lighting schedules from a central location, run analytic reports about energy use and occupancy, and view maintenance alerts such as failed lamps and ballasts.

Each component in the system communicates using 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF) to form a wireless mesh network using the Zigbee® networking standard. In a mesh network, every device is capable of routing a message to other devices for 2-way communication. To transmit long distances and around obstructions in the building, the network creates an intelligent, self-healing communication path through various nodes. Adura’s implementation of the Zigbee standard employs 128-bit encryption to secure all critical control and configuration messaging.